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Welcome to the KS Child Identification and Protection Program

Kansas CHIP is an organization of Kansas Masons, community volunteers, and sponsors.  Together we bring cities the tools to better prepare families across the state.  Kansas Masons are committed to helping the families of missing children by providing completed packages to the parents or guardians for free. 


KS CHIP has held over a hundred events in towns all around Kansas.  Almost 6,000 children have come to create a kit that parents take home for free.  In just a few minutes, families have a packet of ID information that can speed up a missing child investigation.  We use the latest technology and encourage all to come.


The Kansas Masons hope to continue to spread the KS CHIP program across the state in order to protect all of our children.  Through awareness and preparation, we are making towns safer one child at a time.


How to Help

It takes sponsors and volunteers to keep this program running.  Help us keep our children safe.   If you would like to donate to KS CHIP, please contact us.  Your donation will go a long way in keeping kids safe.

We also need volenteers to work at events.  Spend a few hours taking pictures and collecting information, and you can help fight against kidnapping.  Use the Contact Us page to send us an email, or feel free to call for more information. 

What We Do

KS CHIP was started by Sterling P. Hornbuckle, a past Grand Master of the Kansas Masons.  The program grew as KS CHIP equipped other communities across Kansas with the tools to create the CHIP identification kits.  Volunteers and sponsors have made the KS CHIP program stronger and more widely spread.  Events now take place at a large range of activities, such as community runs, churches, and holiday festivals. 

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